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Hey Love!

I decided to extend my retail services beyond just my brick and mortar when I realized my clients and customers were looking for a personalized experience specifically targeted to their wardrobe and lifestyle needs. Through our one-on-one approach to style consulting, we strive to enhance your confidence and authenticity.

JoJo offers a complimentary, no-obligation consultation to all her new clients. She will help you to overcome any concerns you may have with your current style and image, and help create a plan to recreate and/or enhance your personal look. Open and honest, JoJo wants you to go out into the world feeling confident and looking your best. We will give you the motivation, knowledge, and power to be able to put together an outfit on your own. Why subscribe to the JoJo + CoCo Crate Club? Well, if you answer “Yes” to any of these questions - our personal styling services are for you!

  • Dread getting dressed in the morning?

  • Often think to yourself: “I have all these clothes and nothing to wear?”

  • End up wearing the same outfits repeatedly?

  • Need help determining which colors and silhouettes look best for your body type?

  • Spend a lot of money shopping and only wear a small percentage of what you purchased?

  • Dislike your work wardrobe?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the above - than you need to know we are here to help!


There are several benefits of participating in the

JOJO + COCO Crate Club:


No hidden cost or fees! We only charge you for the clothes that you keep! Love it all? Get 20% off your entire purchase!


We make shopping easy. We mail your monthly or quarterly choices to your door! All you have to do is try on your choices, keep what you love and then send back your “not so favorites” in the box with the pre-paid return label.


No Commitment:

New to this whole thing. Not sure if it’s a good fit? It’s ok! No hidden cost, no hidden contracts and you’re in control! Don’t need a box every month. That’s ok too! There is no time frame or limit.

"What we will do is challenge you to try new things, look at fashion differently and most of all help you to love yourself and feel good about how you look!"


Ready to get started?

Simply click on the link below to get the process going girl!!


I love everything about this capsule!  Some of the colors aren’t ones I would typically pick for myself and I’m so glad you did it for me. I had to try them on multiple times just to make sure I loved them just as much as I did the first time and I did. I can tell you truly put a lot of time and effort into personalizing it just for me. Thank you so much!