The Color Mauve for Fall

This Fall’s Must Have Mauve!
I know that we all look forward to our traditional Fall color palettes! Jojo usually flood’s the store with browns, blacks, darker patterns, burgundy and other deep rich hues. Before you begin to panic, don’t worry, you’ll see tons of these colors this Fall from us. But this year I could not resist adding another color that I know will look great with all your Fall favorite colors, Mauve and other similar hues!
The fashion industry and designers have been touting pink and other similar hues  as a big trend for the past several seasons, and this season is no exception.
Mauve is a dusty, mid-tone, that’s universally flattering shade, but it can range from the likes of soft pinks to a pinky beige and different shades of purple. At any rate, designers have added mauve into the mix of their offerings for fall in a big way.
The pinky/purple shade is everywhere in the stores…..and I LOVE it!! These shades can be flattering on anyone if worn with the perfect complimentary pieces!
So how do you wear mauve without feeling out of sorts this season? Let JoJo help you!
JoJo’s suggestions on how to wear mauve for Fall 2021
1.Nudes pair best with mauve!
Usually, if there’s any doubt, wear a nude! This translates from your outfit pairs to the accessories. Great nude colors that could go well with mauve include beige and camel.
2. Go Neutral!
Black and white never disappoint! Even if you have no sense of style at all, you would look great matching mauve with either black or white. JoJo loves a mauve sweater, black denim and a leopard belt.
3. Color block!
Color blocking has gained prominence in the fashion world for some time now. It simply employs the use of contrasting or bright colors to create a super-high colorful effects. JoJo loves a wine colored pant or legging with a mauve sweater!
In this case, you can wear richer colors like maroon, burgundy or wine red with mauve. However, avoid too much layering when wearing mauve unless you are actually going monochromatic or nude.