JoAnna Asplund (JoJo), always knew the path of self-employment was a natural evolution for her. In her 20 + retail professional career JoJo has been considered “A professional who wears many hats”. A fixer by trade she is a visionary who enjoys “fixing” the impossible. In her last twenty years, JoJo has taken on a handful of retail business challenge’s in the hopes to help existing business thrive and survive. She is highly regarded as an individual who is relatable to her customer base and clients. After several years of helping build and fix others businesses, JoJo decided it was time to follow her own dreams and passion. The vision of creating a Woman’s clothing boutique were her customers felt good about their shopping experience. As she will claim, “I want to be as authentic and genuine in my relationships with my customers and clients, when they meet me and my staff I want them to think, “this person isn’t focused on the sale of the day but more importantly the relationship “. With the success of JoJo + CoCo, JoJo has quickly discovered an opportunity to help other women find their “shine”. Her passion, to help other women reach their own goals. She is also committed to always focusing on both personal and professional growth. You can often hear JoJo saying, “We’re not perfect and there is always room for growth and improvement and we won’t stop working on us."

JoJo + CoCo was created with the intention of fulfilling JoJo’s passion for fashion. In her earliest retail experience JoJo quickly realized she had the keen ability to cultivate long lasting relationships with her customers. At the young age of 19 JoJo became the youngest Store Manager for one of the largest retailers in the U.S. With her past experience and vast knowledge of the retail and fashion industry JoJo wanted to create a women owned business that would allow her customers to feel good about themselves. Our mission at JoJo + CoCo is to focus on relationships and not the sale. To offer quality product without paying unreasonable prices. We work hard to make sure each piece we choose for JoJo + CoCo can be worn by women of all ages. In today’s oversaturated market of cheap and fast we try to do the complete opposite. When building our brand our biggest concern is “how we make women feel”. We strive everyday for perfection knowing we won’t get there because we are not wired to be perfect. It’s our intention to always look at ourselves and ask ourselves, “Are we doing the right thing, are we practicing what we preach." Accountability is everything to us.