This year, it's all about embracing the "Present."

Hey Love….

This year I’ve decided to take on 2024 with a different approach. These last few weeks I’ve had an opportunity to relax, reflect and refresh. Every year I put a lot of unnecessary pressure on myself. I am a perfectionist, have high expectations of myself and am constantly pushing to reach the next level of success. For years I’ve have always proudly shared I am a self-proclaimed workaholic and proud of it. Let’s be honest, I’ve never taken the Work, Life Balance thing serious, it never made sense to me. I would role my eyes when people would tell me, “I’m taking a me day” or Grant (who also is a self-proclaimed workaholic) would suggest a vacation or quick getaway, I would literally get so annoyed by the mere suggestion we step away from work. Like seriously, I’ve got a business to run, don’t bother me.  If I’m going to be completely truthful and raw here, I will also admit I’d get somewhat annoyed or irritated when people weren’t willing to work at my level of commitment.

2023 was a year. We’re not going back there.

Every year I share with my customers and clients all these great things we have lined up for the new year, all these new and exciting things’ going on, etc. This year will be different. Sure, we have a lot of fun thing’s planned, great new fashion, we have even decided (after several request) to bring the JoJo + CoCo Crate Club back. But there is a much bigger picture here. If I could choose a word to describe what this year looks like for us, it would be “Present”. This year I will live in the now. I will enjoy all our successes, celebrate the good days, learn from the bad, appreciate the smaller moments and learn to enjoy what I have built these last seven years. I won’t worry about the slow days. I won’t worry about why that customer didn’t walk into my store or why someone stopped shopping with me. Instead, I will be thankful for the good things. My loyal customers and clients who have and continue to support me. I will focus on all the great thing’s my team does and not what they aren’t doing. I will celebrate the communities that we reside in. I will connect and reconnect with new and old clients (I’m ok with acknowledging I was a bit disconnected this year, it’s a part of the healing process). I will foster and nurture healthy relationships with other small businesses owners who see the benefits of supporting each other and rising one another up. I will be the silent cheerleader for those who do not. I won’t put unnecessary pressure on myself. If I have learned anything these past 12 months it is this……Life is too short to worry about the unknown, you can’t control the past or the future but you can love and embrace the present.

As always, my team and I are committed to always providing the best shopping experience to all our customers. Sincere, genuine, and authentic. Focusing on the relationship and experience, not the sale of the day. Having a genuine interest in who you are. Helping you love yourself inside and out. Leaving our store knowing that we appreciate you and our gratitude is sincere.


Here is to 2024…..